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The first truly economical, indoor flying robot for consumers will probably be the monocopter. It's the cheapest thing which can fly. It's aerodynamically the most stable. Monocopters promise the longest flight time of any rotorcraft.

The monocopter consists of a wing, a motor, & a magnetometer. The motor is pulsed to control horizontal position.

The Marcy 1 design currently running the Vicacopter autopilot is so stable, it tends to sit in a single place & follow the wind, which makes it best suited for the indoors. The great task has been to make an indoor position sensing system cheap enough to not defeat the low cost of the monocopter.

Useful results have been achieved by using a common webcam on a pan/tilt assembly. It successfully flies the monocopter by detecting the rotor disk, but only in the dark. Work continues on a vision system that may work in daylight.

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