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Flybarless T-Rex 450 in autonomous hover

Flybarless T-Rex 450 in autonomous hover

Rebuilt IMU for T-Rex

IMU placement on T-Rex

Recorded autopilot missions may be viewed in Google Earth

Flybarless, autonomous T-Rex 450 with camera.

T-Rex 450 on a camera mission.

Low altitude test flight.

Autonomous hover.

Sonar test flight. This sonar device was not useful.

Long exposure auto hover with pilot.

Auto hover.

Auto hover.

Detail of rigid head.

Main board on the T-Rex

Main board.

Remove idler pulley for better results.

The most advanced form of the bird.

View from an autopilot hover.

View from an autopilot hover.

Flight with still camera.

Flight control flowchart.

Light painting on autopilot.

Light painting on autopilot.

How we train the swashplate.

Pilot & copter strike a pose.

The flight computer is 600Mhz & yes, she uses all of them.

The best performing arrangement of the IMU.

Complete package with latest IMU and 4Hz GPS placement.

A fully integrated 4 Hz uBlox 5 GPS module from Procerus greatly improved navigation.

The uBlox 5 is simple to integrate, requiring no shielding or antenna amplification.

Hovering under uBlox 5 control is much more stable in almost any wind.

Hovering near Moffet field.

Higher dynamic range achieved by stacking images from auto hover.

Ground based version uses a hacked 72Mhz transmitter.

Groundstation for ground based autopilot.

Ground based autopilot hovering.

Ground station & copter.

Breakout box for ground based autopilot.

Breakout board for ground based autopilot.

Flight computer for ground based autopilot.

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