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Get the complete Vicacopter source code, schematics, & cheat sheets. Most of the archive is diagrams. There is no support or warranty.

Version 5.0

This is the most recent version supporting the tri rotor.

Version 4.0

Version 3.0

This is the quad rotor version. It uses the same parts as the single rotor except the single rotor. To build a quad rotor, we use:

4 * TowerPro 2410-9 motors (Hobby City)
4 * 18A Super Simple ESC (Hobby City)
2 * 14x12x750mm CF rods (Hobby City)
2 * EPP 10x4.5 counter rotating pairs of propellers (Maxx)
14 guage wire for power connections
1/16" plywood for fuselage & motor mounts
1/2" x 1/2" poplar for rod brackets
Heavy duty double sided foam tape to keep rods from turning

Other quad rotor designs are here.

Version 2.0

This is the last release for the single rotor copters. The computation and most configuration has been moved off a Gumstix to a laptop on the ground. It no longer requires a Gumstix SDK.

Main parts:
Collective pitch helicopter (T-Rex 450)
2 * XBee Pro 2.4Ghz (900Mhz recommended but not tested)
3 axis magnetometer (Micromag3 tested)
3 * gyros (ADXRS150 tested ADXRS401 recommended)
3 axis accelerometer (ADXL330 tested)
4Hz GPS (uBlox 5 tested)
800Mhz laptop
2 * USB serial cables
72Mhz PPM transmitter (Hitec Laser 4)
72Mhz PPM receiver (GWS R4P)
Video camera for training CCPM neural network
3 * PIC18F458 (PLCC44 tested)

070308 snapshot

This is the last release for Gumstix computers. It uses 4Hz uBlox 5 GPS and is much more stable in the wind. Everything is still in place to revert to 1Hz Sirf III but it takes a lot of configuration.

Version 1.0

This release uses 1Hz Sirf III GPS & neural network modeling. It has a lot of bugs. It is no longer being used except for reference.

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